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Every image deserves an Alt tag

Instantly generate accurate alternative text for every image – making accessibility, ADA compliance and search engine optimization easy. Powered by our unique mix of artificial-intelligence image and language models.

  • The stars twinkle in the night sky above a field of trees.

    Example: "The stars twinkle in the night sky above a field of trees."

  • A group is examining a map.

    Example: "A group is examining a map."

  • The dog lies on the blanket.

    Example: "The dog lies on the blanket."

  • Two people sit on a bench.

    Example: "Two people sit on a bench."

What people are saying about EveryAlt...

Doc Pop Headshot

That’s really impressive! It’s nice to see people trying to think about useful hacks for AI, and things that could possibly improve the web for everybody.

Doc Pop - Torque Social Hour
Torque Logo
Shannon Mattern

Installed EveryAlt and it’s blowing my mind! Excited to spread the word to our community.

Shannon Mattern - Web Designer Academy
Web Designer Academy
Nathan Wrigley Headshot

That’s cool! I’m somewhat annoyed that AI is actually useful – I want it to be bad so I can justify my reluctance to adopt it all 🙂

Nathan Wrigley - WP Builds
WP Builds Logo

You upload the image. EveryAlt does the rest.

Our artificial intelligence instantly recognizes objects in photos, reads text from within screenshots, and generates accurate, descriptive, human-readable alternative text.

With our free WordPress plugin, you can generate alt text for all your existing images, all future uploads, or individual images – and you’ll always maintain control to make changes to alternative text generated by EveryAlt.

Never forget your alt text again. Try EveryAlt for free. No credit card required.

  • A group sits outside.

    Example: "A group sits outside."

  • The hand holds a book above the water.

    Example: "The hand holds a book above the water."

  • A close-up of hands.

    Example: "A close-up of hands."

  • The clouds surround the mountain.

    Example: "The clouds surround the mountain."

  • Two people sit at a table with a beverage and a cell phone.

    Example: "Two people sit at a table with a beverage and a cell phone."

  • A colorful bouquet of flowers.

    Example: "A colorful bouquet of flowers."