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Welcome to EveryAlt!

We’re so glad you’ve joined us on our journey to make the web more accessible for everyone. EveryAlt is a small step in that direction – ensuring that it’s easy to add accurate, descriptive text to all images on your website. This means that blind or visually impaired visitors who use a screen reader will have an improved experience when using your website.

Alternative text is also a critical component of new regulations that require websites to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. In March 2022, the Justice Department released new guidance confirming that all businesses that are open to the public must meet ADA compliance standards on their websites, including this warning against forgetting your alt text:

Lack of text alternatives (“alt text”) on images. People who are blind will not be able to understand the content and purpose of images, such as pictures, illustrations, and charts, when no text alternative is provided. Text alternatives convey the purpose of an image, including pictures, illustrations, charts, etc.”

United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

If your business is open to the public, it’s highly likely that you’re required to keep your site ADA compliant – and that you could face lawsuits if you don’t provide visitors with disabilities with an equal level of service. Proper alternative text is just one important element of this compliance. In addition to providing the EveryAlt service, our team of web designers and developers also specializes in building ADA-compliant websites. You can learn more about our client services by checking out HDC, our digital agency.

How does EveryAlt work?

We use a unique mix of the latest artificial-intelligence technology to analyze images and convert that image data into accurate, human-readable alternative text. You may have seen the news about AI chatbots, image generators, and other tools and toys. We think EveryAlt is the ideal use case for this new and advanced technology, because it helps everyone have an equal experience on the web.

  • EveryAlt instantly recognizes objects, people and animals in photos and generates a human-readable description.
  • If you upload a screenshot or an image that’s mostly text, EveryAlt will read the text that’s within the image and generate alternative text based on the text in the image.

If you use our free WordPress plugin, we’ll then instantly add that alternative text to the proper field for your image, ensuring that it appears automatically wherever your WordPress site calls for alt text. You’re always able to edit the alternative text after EveryAlt generates it.

One of the big questions with AI is data privacy and ethics. With that in mind, we’ll always be completely transparent about how we and our third-party infrastructure providers handle your images. Here’s how it works:

  • We never send or sell your personal information to any third-party AI company; we’ll only use it to contact you for things like receipts and account notifications.
  • When we process an image, we receive only the public image URL, which is then processed by our systems and multiple third-party infrastructure providers. We don’t store your image, and if you delete your image from the web, we have no access to it. In other words, everything we do relies on you uploading your image to a publicly accessible location.
  • We keep track of the alt text that EveryAlt generates, but we use this only internally to continuously improve the accuracy of the software.

As in everything we do, we’ve prioritized kindness and inclusivity in the way EveryAlt generates alternative text. However, if you find any results that are confusing, inaccurate or inappropriate, please let us know so we can immediately improve our systems.

Meet Our Team

EveryAlt is a product of HDC. We’re a Denver-based web design and development agency with the goal of leading the tech industry to a better future. You may also know us from our other products, MasterWP (one of the largest WordPress newsletters and magazines) and Understrap (a WordPress theme framework used by more than 100,000 sites).

We work for clients like Harvard and The World Bank, and we build software with the goal of creating a more equal experience for everyone using the web. If you need a hand with web design, web development or ADA compliance, we’re here for you.

Headshots of the EveryAlt team

The EveryAlt Roadmap

We’re very excited about the public release of EveryAlt, and we have lots of big plans for the future. These include:

  • Improving recognition of specific types of images, including logos, cartoons and illustrations.
  • Adding improved recognition of landmarks, celebrities, and other special cases.
  • Launching a Zapier integration that allows you to implement EveryAlt in any Zapier-connected software.
  • Integrating EveryAlt with other productivity, messaging and social media apps to improve accessibility for everyone.


We’re here to help. You can get in touch with us for questions about EveryAlt, support requests, or anything else you might need. We also encourage you to hit us up on Twitter @_EveryAlt.

Thanks for being a part of EveryAlt!

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